Workshops and Training

User Experience design is not just pixels and colours, but a thought process and a mindset. We create and facilitate workshops that clarify design thinking concepts and tools, and put the process in your own hands.

Workshops Built for You

Reassemble maintains and updates a library of workshops, each focusing on a design thinking tool or a part of the UX design process. Each workshop is customisable to your business needs - so your team can learn tools and processes that are close to your real business issues.

Planned Courses

Our workshops are modular, and so we can build courses that fit your company’s needs. Each workshop builds on others, to illustrate a more complete design process and equip your team with a wider range of tools.

Hands-on Learning

We don’t believe UX can be learned through lectures and force-feeding. Our workshops always centre around hands-on activities - from building personas to running tests - so our participants can gain insight through practice.

Past Workshop Topics

Our workshops can be customised to your needs. Here are some topics we’ve trained on:

  • User Interviews

  • Usability Testing

  • User Flows

  • Empathy Mapping

  • Personas

  • Design Studio


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