Everyone a Learner, Everyone a Mentor.

Lifelong learning is increasingly important - but learning should not be kept to just classrooms and workshops.

With that in mind, Reassemble designed Grapevine - a social app geared towards mutual learning in professional settings.

Industry: Social/Education

Scope: User Interviews, User Flows, Design Studio, Rapid Prototyping, UI Design

Speed, Trust and Reach

Much of our skills learning actually takes place outside of the classroom. But from interviewing professionals who need to learn new skills, three factors affect this learning process:

  • Speed: demand for learning skills is often ad hoc and last minute - like a new project that needs a new skill.

  • Reach: if the skill is outside your work scope, you may not know anyone who has that skill.

  • Trust: even if you find someone, how do you know they actually know what they’re talking about? (Your work depends on it!)

To summarise:

Our solution must help users find the right experts, who they consider trustworthy - and help them do it fast.


The Strength of Weak Ties

The Strength of Weak Ties is a sociological observation, about the value of our ‘weak ties’ - not our close friends, but our second-level acquaintances.

Our close friends provide valuable bridges to wide networks of people; though we don’t know them well, many professional contacts come through recommendations to our friends of friends.

And if this can work for job interviews and business recommendations, it can work for skills too - both to learn, and to gain a reputation for expertise.




Grapevine Features

Instant Request

As the learner, you send requests for experts to your friends, to learn any skill when you need it.

Trust through Recommendations

Any recommendations learners receive, come through trusted friends - so you know you are getting real subject matter experts.

Freely schedule your Learning

Learners can choose from a range of recommendations, and use direct messaging to schedule a meetup - or just to ask questions to your expert.

Impart knowledge and gain cred

You can get reviews from meeting with learners and imparting your knowledge. This builds up your credibility as an expert in your field - be it CSS, marketing, or knitting.